Create the perfect Wellness Suite for your Clinic, Club, Fitness Centre, Hotel or even at Home…

Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers

Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers offers a wide range of high-quality Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers using the very latest research and technology, with top-quality components. Learn more about our chambers…

Business Support

We work with many businesses like yours to provide cutting-edge wellness products and facilities, turning your business into a highly profitable Wellness Suite. We will support you throughout your journey with us and beyond. Learn more about our support…

Gentle Heatwave Saunas

Gentle Heatwave produces a range of far-infrared, full-spectrum saunas that not only look beautiful, but are built to the very highest specifications, offering premium quality that is built to last. Learn more about our saunas…


Cryo-iCeoniQ produces whole-body cryotherapy from within our Cryo Saunas. We invest in state-of-the-art technology for components and controllers to guarantee you the finest non-invasive experience. Learn more about our Cryo saunas…

Henshaw Hyperbaric Sport Chambers

Around the world, many elite athletes, sports clubs, and organisations are turning to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for peak performance, injury, recovery, to extend careers and to protect long-term health…



Your body’s cells are the foundation of your health, but they may lack the essential nutrients required for their well-being, protection, and efficient function. Cellogie, is a groundbreaking biological complex designed to nourish your cells and set you on the path to optimum health…

LS Pro

Experience Optimal Wellness, accelerated recovery and enhanced performance with LS Pro Systems’ wide range of high-quality red-light therapies. Non invasive, no chemical drugs, just pure energy, as nature intended…

Intermittent Hypoxic
Hyperoxic Therapy (IHHT)

Discover the practice of IHHT with Celloxy, a cutting-edge approach to wellness by harnessing the vital role of oxygen…

The Ultimate Wellness Suite for Clinic, Spa, Wellness Centre, Sport and Home

The Wellness Tree is your perfect partner for creating your ultimate Wellness Suite.

This is where the finest wellness therapies and technologies seamlessly come together, allowing you to provide an unparalleled wellness experience in one location.

At The Wellness Tree, we’ve simplified the process of creating a comprehensive and impressive wellness centre. Gone are the days of hunting wellness solutions from various suppliers; and then trying to co-ordinate ongoing service and support. We’ve done all the hard work for you by developing an extensive range of top-tier wellness therapies and technologies – all backed by industry leading levels of support, safety and quality – delivered by the highly experienced, expert team here at The Wellness Tree.

From state-of-the-art Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers to soothing Far-Infrared Saunas, our holistic health solutions come together to create a highly impressive wellness suite. You’ll find everything you need to transform your space into a haven of health and relaxation.

Rest easy knowing that every therapy in The Wellness Suite meets our quality standards and ISO accreditations. For organisations, we’re here to support your vision as a Wellness Tree Professional Partner and ensure that your business stands out, delivering the utmost satisfaction to your clients.

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  • “In just a few days, noticed a huge difference. I was sleeping well for the first time in a long time. This good sleep meant I could put more energy into the other therapies I was using as part of my treatment plan.”

  • "LSPro Light Systems compliments our therapies, accelerating healing time with the athletes we work on."

  • “I was able to make a quick comeback to feature in the first game of the Six Nations – a championship we won that year! I think HBOT is going to become a staple part of recovery programmes for sports people.”

  • “Using my HBOT chamber has improved my sleep, helped my energy levels and emotional wellbeing, particularly important in the early stages of recovery. I feel fresh for each session and am seeing daily improvements.”

  • "LS Pro has made a significant difference in restoring cellular energy to my clients"

  • “I suffered with extreme fatigue and on-going injury issues. I had a Henshaw Hyperbaric Chamber installed at home and used it every day as part of my overall rehabilitation plan.”

  • "I use LSProSystems in both preparation and for accelerated repair to help keep me in the fight"

  • “I use my HBOT every day now I have retired from professional rugby. It has had a positive impact on my general well-being and I’ve found a significant improvement in my ability to focus and think rationally.”

  • "Great for powering up muscle groups ahead of strenuous activity"

  • "The hyperbaric chamber has been a game-changer for my injury recovery. I've noticed faster healing, more energy, and improved mental clarity. Highly recommend!"

  • “Henshaw Hyperbarics have helped me to take my training and recovery to a new level. I started using the Henshaw Deep Oxygen Therapy chamber to help with the recovery of a stress fracture.”