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Experience Optimal Wellness and Sport Performance with Henshaw Sport’s wide range of high-quality Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers. 

Unleash your full potential with Henshaw Sport’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers (HBOT). We’re dedicated to delivering an extensive range of premium chambers that integrate the latest advancements in research and technology, ensuring unparalleled quality. 

From personal use within the comfort of your home to applications in clinics, wellness centres, spas, professional sports, and beyond, the realm of HBOT chambers is ever evolving. At the forefront, Henshaw Sport employs cutting-edge technology to create the most advanced chambers possible, all while making oxygen therapy accessible and affordable through our buying and rental options.  

Our dedicated team of skilled installers can also ensure a seamless setup process. Plus, we provide unrivalled support, including user guidance, technical assistance, medical insights, Doctor led training and protected warranties. 

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or an aspiring one, explore the future of peak performance and well-being with us. 

Athletes and their stories

Wales and British Lion rugby player, Alun Wyn Jones, used his Henshaw Sport Chamber after an injury…

In 2021, when Alun Wyn was hit with an injury just before the Six Nations Championship, he contacted Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers to have a Henshaw Deep installed in his home to support his recovery plan. 

“I was able to use it steadily twice a day during my recovery period of three weeks, which was hugely beneficial to me. I combined it with physio, a mobility programme, hot and cold therapy and good nutrition.

World-class rugby player, Jonny May, uses his HBOT chamber daily…

England and Gloucester rugby player, Jonny May, makes no secret that one of the key therapies he uses is a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber.

“I have done loads of research into HBOT, and the results really impressed me, and I personally enjoy using my chamber.”

“With the physical and mental demands of training and playing, a hyperbaric environment allows me to relax and breathe oxygen in a pressurised environment, which I find really good.”

“Spending time in my Henshaw Sport Chamber is an integral part of my daily routine. I’m able to relax which help with my recovery between sessions – recovery is performance.” 

Top Ironman and Triathlon competitor, Lucy Charles-Barclay, uses her HBOT for recovery…

Lucy Charles-Barclay was at the top of her career until she discovered she had a stress fracture of the hip.

“I started using the Henshaw Deep Oxygen Therapy chamber to help with the recovery. At the time specialists had told me to write off the race season and focus on the next year. With the help of Henshaw Hyperbarics and the recovery protocol they outlined, my recovery from injury was astonishing.”

“Not only that but once I was back training my fitness came back faster than expected, I put this down to my increased recovery between sessions using the chamber. I went on to race in four major championships in the 2022 season, winning a World title in my comeback race in Slovakia and a silver medal at the Ironman World Championships.”

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Exceptional support
from Henshaw Sport

While crafting and delivering technologically advanced hyperbaric chambers is a cornerstone of our development, our commitment extends far beyond product manufacturing.  

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive support to all our valued customers, ensuring they receive the utmost benefit from our chambers. 

Whether you’re considering a purchase, rental, or need assistance with any concerns, our team is there for you to provide excellent User Support. Connect with us at 0203 326 2644 or via our user-friendly online contact form. Expect swift, expert assistance. 

Our dedicated team, which includes in-house specialists and a network of trained distributors, allows us to offer ongoing Technical Support that sets us far apart from any competitors. 

Discover our specialised Medical Support team, consisting of licensed Independent Healthcare Providers and our in-house support experts. Rely on our Medical Support team to provide personalised guidance, ensuring you embark on the ideal HBOT program tailored specifically to your needs. 

We know that investing in a Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber, be it for personal or business use, is a big decision. To put your mind at ease, we’ve implemented robust guarantees. Rest assured, our Warranty will have you covered, providing complete peace of mind throughout your time with us. 

Henshaw Sport Support

Where performance meets wellness

Worldwide, elite athletes and organisations are embracing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers to boost well-being and support professional careers. 

In the world of sports, addressing both short-term and long-term health concerns is a top priority for athletes, coaches, and their families. No matter your sport of choice, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers offer vital support. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) involves oxygen administration in a pressurised environment. This heightened pressure enhances oxygen absorption in the bloodstream, leading to a range of beneficial physiological, biochemical, and cellular effects. This is a perfect addition to a sports therapy program for both recovery and prevention. 

Discover how HBOT can elevate your sports performance and safeguard your health with insights from Dr. Scott Sherr… 

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  • "The hyperbaric chamber has been a game-changer for my injury recovery. I've noticed faster healing, more energy, and improved mental clarity. Highly recommend!"

  • “I was able to make a quick comeback to feature in the first game of the Six Nations – a championship we won that year! I think HBOT is going to become a staple part of recovery programmes for sports people.”

  • “I use my HBOT every day now I have retired from professional rugby. It has had a positive impact on my general well-being and I’ve found a significant improvement in my ability to focus and think rationally.”

  • “I suffered with extreme fatigue and on-going injury issues. I had a Henshaw Hyperbaric Chamber installed at home and used it every day as part of my overall rehabilitation plan.”

  • “Using my HBOT chamber has improved my sleep, helped my energy levels and emotional wellbeing, particularly important in the early stages of recovery. I feel fresh for each session and am seeing daily improvements.”

  • “Henshaw Hyperbarics have helped me to take my training and recovery to a new level. I started using the Henshaw Deep Oxygen Therapy chamber to help with the recovery of a stress fracture.”

  • “In just a few days, noticed a huge difference. I was sleeping well for the first time in a long time. This good sleep meant I could put more energy into the other therapies I was using as part of my treatment plan.”