The Technology

Experience Optimal Wellness, accelerated recovery and enhanced performance with LS Pro Systems’ wide range of high-quality red-light therapies.

Non invasive, no chemical drugs, just pure energy, as nature intended! At LS Pro, we’re not about synthetic drugs or invasive surgeries. Instead, we offer you the best solutions for your health and fitness, keeping you energised and moving. 

Through cutting-edge technology, we strive to replicate the brilliance of nature, offering innovative health and vitality products that have been scientifically proven to support your body’s innate ability to function, repair, and regenerate at the cellular level. The result is an active and vibrant quality of life for you. 

Red-Light Therapy, also known as photobiomodulation therapy, is a revolutionary approach, trusted by many healthcare professionals. It provides temporary relief from a range of discomforts, including minor muscle and joint issues, arthritis-related pain, muscle spasms, and localised blood circulation enhancement. 

But what sets our Red-Light Therapy apart is our commitment to excellence in design and functionality.

Our technology utilises a semiconductor chip placed strategically on a reflective surface. When electricity courses through this system, it generates light. Our LED emissions follow the radiometric path of a Lambertian pattern, with light emitting at angles less than 90 degrees. This precision ensures that our therapy system achieves light output at an optimal 60-degree angle, delivering unparalleled results. 

So, whether you’re seeking relief from discomfort or simply aiming to enhance your overall well-being, we are here to illuminate your path to a healthier, vibrant life. 

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The LS Connection

The more energy the body has available to spend, the faster it gets out of budget and into repair, accelerating the rate of recovery as well as optimal function and performance.

This is where LS Light Technology comes into play. Studies show that near infrared light therapy stimulates the production of ATP in the body, LS innovation has combined both Red and Infrared Light together in its flexi pads.

This video shows the vital role that light plays in triggering the release of ATP (ENERGY) supporting Accelerated Recovery and Enhanced Performance.

The Release of Nitric Oxide 

Another important benefit of LED red light therapy is the triggered release of Nitric Oxide, the body’s natural vasodilator, studies confirm that this enhanced blood flow brings extra oxygen to a localized area, facilitating healing and recovery of damaged tissue. 

The application of LED light therapy ahead of any sport or activity has demonstrated the effect of enhanced tissue performance.

This video demonstrated the bodies triggering Nitric Oxide through the application of light.

How Light Works

LED light therapy is a process by which energy is delivered to various parts of the body via light emitting diodes (LEDs) and is absorbed by the cells for therapeutic and healing benefits. The various energy wavelengths penetrate the skin to different depths and provide the energy cells need to activate increased circulation, healing and repair. 

The three most recognised and researched light wavelengths are Red, Infrared and Blue Light, these are the 3 wavelengths combined and used in the LS ProSystem. 

Exceptional support from LS Pro

While crafting and delivering advanced therapeutic products is a cornerstone of our development, our commitment extends far beyond product manufacturing.

Our Customer Support promise doesn’t finish when you receive your LS products. That’s when it starts! Your peace of mind is our business. From the moment you invest in your health and fitness with LS Pro Systems, we strive to deliver the information, training and knowledge for you to experience the maximum benefits from our products specific to your needs. We are all different with our unique DNA and cellular terrain, at LS Pro we recognise and embrace this fact. We don’t make one-fits-all products, we tailor the controllers and pads to fit your business and personal requirements.

Our unrivaled 12 month warranty policy reflects the confidence we have in the workmanship of our products, your investment in LS Pro Systems is one of trust, and our guarantee gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that your products can be depended on for your personal or professional needs…every day!

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