A Revolution in the IHHT World

Discover the practice of Intermittent-Hypoxia-Hyperoxia Therapy (IHHT), a cutting-edge approach to wellness.

Intermittent-Hypoxia-Hyperoxia Therapy (IHHT) is a ground breaking approach harnessing the vital role of oxygen in mitochondrial energy production. Celloxy delivers alternating altitude phases of oxygen abundance and deficiency, prompting every cell to dynamically respond and strive to harmonize these distinct stimuli. This fundamental cellular training process mirrors the effects achieved through altitude training, offering transformative impact.

With IHHT you can immerse yourself in hyperoxia (high oxygen) and hypoxia (low oxygen) air during carefully monitored altitude training sessions. Our precisely controlled unit ensures safety and comfort throughout. Simply breathe in the therapeutic air mixture through a mask while reclining in a comfortable position. Many patients find the experience so relaxing that they often drift into a peaceful sleep during the session. Rest assured, our device automatically adjusts parameters to guarantee a risk-free and enjoyable session. 

Experience the time-tested therapeutic properties of altitude training low oxygen  air. These short and controlled intervals can be a great benefit with a variety of issues from cardiovascular diseases to metabolic disorders to stress management. Unwind and indulge in the profound relaxation offered by Intermittent Hypoxic Hyperoxic Therapy – a 100% safe and scientifically validated wellness solution.

The Benefits of IHHT

Explore the rejuvenating benefits of Intermittent-Hypoxia-Hyperoxia Therapy (IHHT).

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improvement of the oxygen supply and energy production of the cells
  • Increases fat burning / support for weight loss
  • Better blood circulation of the organs
  • Balancing of the vegetative nervous system (VNS)
  • Increased performance and concentration
  • Increased performance of the cardiovascular system
  • Improvement of sleep quality and stress resistance
  • Shortens regeneration time
  • Ensures balanced hormone production
  • Supports the formation of new blood vessel capillaries
  • Gives weakened organs a chance to recover

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A Compact, Mobile Design

Housed inside the Physiotur Tower, our system boasts a range of features designed for convenience and durability.

The setup for our IHHT Celloxy includes a dedicated accessories’ tray, side constructions for efficient cable management, an acrylic plate adorned with LED status indicators, robust castors for easy mobility, and a premium powder coating finish that ensures resilience against scratches. 

Crafted with a focus on performance and accessibility, the module is structured around a steel space frame enclosed in an aluminum housing that effortlessly lifts off. The frame’s top angle serves as a convenient handle, facilitating easy lifting and movement. Interior components seamlessly attach to the frame, allowing 360-degree access for swift maintenance of the entire system. Experience a combination of styles, with a design that prioritises both form and function.