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At The Wellness Tree, we understand that for wellness businesses such as wellness centres, spas and clinics, achieving optimal results requires a thoughtful, comprehensive approach.

That’s why we’ve developed a range of cutting-edge wellness therapy solutions tailored for use in professional business settings.

However, we know that choosing the right therapies and your wellness partner goes way beyond the actual equipment supplied. Ongoing business success also requires comprehensive support (installation, training, technical, user and medical), warranties, service level agreements and real world business support (for example marketing, sales and operations) – all delivered by an experienced team of credible experts.

By choosing The Wellness Tree, you’re making a strategic investment in your business, aiming to provide your clients with the best physical condition and optimal wellness experience AND choosing a partner who can provide multiple levels of support with an ISO Accredited commitment to quality and safety to ensure that your investment brings long-term benefits.

Each of our therapies are crafted with precision to provide the essential elements necessary for a successful wellness journey. We are here to support your business every step of the way.

Wellness solutions for your business

Whether you operate a spa, wellness centre, gym, clinic, elite sports club or organisation or similar, our range of therapies are tailor-made to enhance your ability to deliver an unparalleled experience for your clients.

Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers: We understand the needs of businesses like yours, which is why we’ve been chosen to successfully installed numerous HBOT chambers in similar settings. Our team is dedicated to supporting your journey, ensuring you provide your clients with the full benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Consider our Henshaw HBOT chamber rental option to offer this transformative therapy before making a purchase. Multi-person chambers, such as the Henshaw Multiplace Chamber, are now practical for business use, allowing you to elevate your facilities.

Henshaw Sport Chambers: Designed with committed (and often elite) athletes in mind, Henshaw Sport Chambers offer a unique advantage to clubs and organistaions looking to enhance their performance or recovery. Models like the XLPro provide exceptional increased atmospheric pressure and ample space, making them ideal for professional use. Henshaw Sport are proud to be HBOT partner with leading athletes such as Jonny May, Fran Kirby, Alun Wyn Jones, Lucy Charles Barclay and many more. And to be chosen by organisations such as England Rugby, WRU, Saracens, Coventry Football Club, Harlequins and many more.

Gentle Heatwave: Enhance the relaxation and wellness experience at your centre with Gentle Heatwave Far-Infrared Saunas. Our beautifully designed saunas seamlessly integrate into your facility, offering clients a soothing retreat. Unlike traditional saunas, our FIR saunas provide gentle and effective heat at lower temperatures (around 40-50°C), allowing for extended sessions and maximum health benefits. 

LS Pro Systems: Elevate the well-being of your clients with LS Pro Systems’ advanced light therapy technology. This transformative technology can be seamlessly incorporated into your spa or wellness centre, offering pain relief, reduced inflammation, and accelerated healing. The compact and user-friendly LS Pro devices allow you to address specific wellness concerns and enhance the overall experience for your clients. 

Cellogie: Nourish your clients’ well-being with Cellogie’s natural nutritional therapy. Our carefully crafted capsules are easy to incorporate into your facility, providing clients with essential plant-based ingredients, cellular support, vitamins, and minerals. These capsules support their ongoing wellness journey and contribute to an exceptional experience, prioritising client health effortlessly and on their terms.

Cryo-IceoniQ: Individuals worldwide are embracing the incredibly revitalising potential of cryotherapy. With our Cryo-iCeoniQ Model, you can offer an exceptional cryosauna experience to your clients. With the ability to accommodate up to 90 sessions per day, the Cryo-iCeoniQ sets the standard for cryosauna efficiency within wellness businesses. This therapeutic model is equipped with state-of-the-art components and controllers, automatic drying features, and fully automated operation, minimizing human error and ensuring the safety of your clients and the smooth operation of cryotherapy during every session. The Cryo-iCeoniQ can also be tailored to fit your interior design, offering the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Intermittent Hypoxic Hyperoxic Therapy: Allow your clients to experience the time-tested therapeutic properties of low oxygen air. Housed inside the compact, mobile Physiotur Tower, this system boasts a range of features designed for convenience and durable business use. Crafted with a focus on performance and accessibility, the module is structured around a steel space frame enclosed in an aluminum housing that effortlessly lifts off. The frame’s top angle serves as a convenient handle, facilitating easy lifting and movement. The precisely controlled unit ensures safety and comfort throughout, allowing your clients to simply breathe in the therapeutic air mixture through a mask while reclining in a comfortable position.

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  • "LSPro Light Systems compliments our therapies, accelerating healing time with the athletes we work on."

  • "The hyperbaric chamber has been a game-changer for my injury recovery. I've noticed faster healing, more energy, and improved mental clarity. Highly recommend!"

  • “In just a few days, noticed a huge difference. I was sleeping well for the first time in a long time. This good sleep meant I could put more energy into the other therapies I was using as part of my treatment plan.”

  • "LS Pro has made a significant difference in restoring cellular energy to my clients"

  • “I was able to make a quick comeback to feature in the first game of the Six Nations – a championship we won that year! I think HBOT is going to become a staple part of recovery programmes for sports people.”

  • "The service from inquiry to delivery and installation was 1st class. I was advised, guided and supported throughout the process. HBOT is currently the most popular treatment at our wellness centre."

  • “I use my HBOT every day now I have retired from professional rugby. It has had a positive impact on my general well-being and I’ve found a significant improvement in my ability to focus and think rationally.”

  • “I suffered with extreme fatigue and on-going injury issues. I had a Henshaw Hyperbaric Chamber installed at home and used it every day as part of my overall rehabilitation plan.”

  • "I use LSProSystems in both preparation and for accelerated repair to help keep me in the fight"

  • “Using my HBOT chamber has improved my sleep, helped my energy levels and emotional wellbeing, particularly important in the early stages of recovery. I feel fresh for each session and am seeing daily improvements.”

  • "Great for powering up muscle groups ahead of strenuous activity"

  • “Henshaw Hyperbarics have helped me to take my training and recovery to a new level. I started using the Henshaw Deep Oxygen Therapy chamber to help with the recovery of a stress fracture.”