The Combined Approach

Whether you want to support your health and wellbeing, enhance your appearance, boost your performance or give your health plan that extra edge, our unique Combined Approach could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

By combining the vital elements of nature – light, air, water and earth – The Combined Approach blends a powerful combination of therapies to support your health, fitness and beauty, from the inside out.

We offer and support a unique approach to health and wellness, achieved combining these nature-based therapies.

Each of our therapies are powerful in their own right, but when combined simultaneously, the blending of these therapies can have a far greater effect.

For Wellness practices, the option of being able to offer individual therapies through to complete wellness ‘systems’ means you are able to fully support your clients specific goals on their wellness journey.

For individuals, the ability to blend the most appropriate therapies based on your specific requirements gives you the tools to achieve your recovery, performance and overall wellbeing goals.

Below are highlights some of our stand-alone therapies, that when combined, can create a powerful boost to support your wellbeing…

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) & Altitude Training (IHHT)

Leading oxygen-based therapies to support recovery, peak performance and overall wellbeing.

The Wellness Tree offer two highly regarded therapies as a key part and foundation for The Combined Approach.

Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers – offer the UK’s widest range of high-quality hyperbaric chambers ranging from single place soft shelled chambers, ideal for home users and athletes who need a chamber to use when travelling for events and training, to multi-place hard shelled chambers that operate up to a pressure of 2ATA – ideal for professional clinics and elite sport clubs and organisations.

With hundreds of hyperbaric oxygen chambers installed in clinics and home user locations right across the UK, the UK’s largest dedicated support team (including technical, user, training and medical support) and a comprehensive approach to safety and quality (we hold two ISO accreditations for Quality Management and Occupational Health and Safety standards) – Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers has become the UK’s leading HBOT partner of choice since 2008.

Celloxy Intermittent Hypoxic Hyperoxic Therapy (IHHT)IHHT delivers alternating altitude phases of oxygen abundance and deficiency, prompting every cell to dynamically respond and strive to harmonize these distinct stimuli. This fundamental cellular training process mirrors the effects achieved through altitude training, offering transformative impact.

With a medical CE and used by over 2,000 doctors across Germany, IHHT from Celloxy is a groundbreaking approach to simulating the effects of altitude training and harnessing the vital role of oxygen in mitochondrial energy production. The Wellness Tree are the exclusive UK distribution and support partner for Celloxy, a medical device manufacturer based in Rostock Germany who hold ISO 13469.

LED Red Light Therapy from LS Pro and Aurora

Optimise wellness, accelerate recovery and enhance performance with our wide range of high-quality red-light therapies.

Red-Light Therapy, also known as photo biomodulation therapy, is a revolutionary approach trusted by many healthcare professionals. It provides temporary relief from a range of discomforts, including minor muscle and joint issues, arthritis-related pain, muscle spasms, and localised blood circulation enhancement.

With two LED Red Light Therapy ranges, The Wellness Tree offer multiple solutions for home and professional settings, each can play a key role in The Combined Approach.

LS Pro – ideal for professional settings, what sets our LS Pro apart is our commitment to excellence in design and functionality. As seen with our light bed, our technology utilises a semiconductor chip placed strategically on a reflective surface. When electricity courses through this system, it generates light. Our LED emissions follow the radiometric path of a Lambertian pattern, with light emitting at angles less than 90 degrees. This precision ensures that our system achieves light output at an optimal 60-degree angle, delivering unparalleled results.

Aurora – developed with home and clinic use in mind, Aurora offer a wider range of high-quality wearable Red-Light LED facemasks.

Through this cutting-edge technology, we strive to replicate the brilliance of nature, offering innovative health and vitality products that have been scientifically proven to support your body’s innate ability to function, repair, and regenerate at the cellular level.

Both LS Pro and Aurora Red-Light Therapies are fully backed with the renowned quality,  safety and high-level support that is the hallmark of The Wellness Tree. Our expert team can help you choose the best solutions for your specific needs and requirements.

Far-Infrared Sauna (FIR) and Peat Hyperthermia Therapy (PHT)

Another key element of The Combined Approach is gentle heat to support circulation and detoxification at a cellular level.

The benefits of heat therapy come from gently heating your body’s core temperature and maintaining that gentle heat over a long duration. These two therapies achieve just that, each in their own unique way…

Gentle Heatwave Far-Infrared Sauna – as opposed to being in traditional standard sauna, where you get very hot, very quickly – Gentle Heatwave far-infrared saunas offer a far gentler heat which is a highly effective way to heat your body’s core to a level that you can comfortably withstand for a much longer period of time. Studies have shown that the most benefits are seen when saunas provide heat at lower temperatures (around 50 degrees Celsius) for around 30 minutes. Our range of far-infrared, full-spectrum saunas not only look beautiful, but are built to the very highest specification, offering premium quality that is built to last.

Naked Mud Peat Hyperthermia Therapy (PHT) – ideal to use in  the comfort of your own home, PHT maintains the temperature of your bath for an extended period of time, allowing for increased circulation in the body and the absorption of the beneficial nutrients and substances in the peat.

The result of deep sedimentation over 40,000 years, and found in a secluded region of Canada, Naked Mud is a unique  substance infused with a rich collection of flora, a variety of essential minerals, trace elements, enzymes, organic acids and other natural substances that are formed from the biological degradation of ancient plant material.

Our expert team can help you choose the best solutions for your specific needs and requirements as part of our unique Combined Approach.

Unleashing the Power of Cold with Cryotherapy

Revitalize, Recover, and Rejuvenate with our modern Cryotherapy Sauna technology – a key part of The Combined Approach.

The word “Cryo” comes from Greek, signifying “cold therapyCryotherapy saunas, the use of extremely low temperatures in medical therapy, beauty procedures, and sports injury healing, has a history rooted in the healing powers of ice, known since the time of the legendary Greek physician Hippocrates.

Cryo-iCeoniQ – today, we’ve harnessed the power of cold in modern ways. In contemporary cryotherapy, we replace ice with liquid nitrogen, plunging temperatures to approximately minus 170°C.

Individuals worldwide now embrace the incredibly revitalising potential of cryotherapy. From pain relief and muscle healing to reduced inflammation, immune system stimulation, enhanced sleep, and more, the possibilities to overall wellness are substantial.

At Cryo-iCeoniQ, our dedication to innovation remains unwavering. We invest in state-of-the-art technology for components and controllers to guarantee you the finest cryotherapy experience. Quality, safety, and innovation are the fundamental pillars of our brand. Embark on your path to wellness with us and experience the difference of cryotherapy saunas. 

Cryotherapy is another powerful component of the unique Combined Approach from The Wellness Tree.

Targeted Nutrition – Nourishment and Protection for Optimal Function and Repair

Proper nutrition is essential for optimal cellular function.

Targeted nutritional support is another important element of The Combined Approach.

With our awareness and understanding of nutritional medicine, we realize how different organs and their cells can benefit from extra nutritional support based on their function and the proteins and enzymes that they utilize. Our targeted approach to nutrition ensures the maximum absorption of whole plant, fruit and vegetables to where they are needed, when they are needed in the body.

Cellogie Whole Plant Based Cellular Support – this vital element serves as the foundation for all the nutrients your body requires in our key programs. Instead of isolating a few compounds, Cellogie embraces the power of whole plants, allowing your body to select its active ingredients.

Supply your body with the vital nutrients it craves through our Whole Plant-based Cellogie Support, enhancing your body’s ability to defend itself and operate at peak efficiency.

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