Different by Design 

Experience optimal wellness with the Gentle Heatwave range of high-quality far infra red saunas. 

Many years of dedication to research and development have resulted in our saunas that set a new standard for excellence. You can trust that our saunas are crafted with unparalleled precision, utilising the best electrical systems and components available.  

Our saunas use low-EMF carbon-ceramic heaters, which do not need to produce high heat, making them ultra-efficient. That means they consume very little power, typically costing just £0.48* per hour to run our 2 person sauna, and just £0.55* per hour for our 3 person sauna. In traditional saunas, you must endure the intense heat of a room heated to around 80-100°C. This heat is very intense, often making it difficult to breathe. This means you can’t stay in for long enough to experience the benefits. Our saunas can transform your session into a safe and therapeutic experience rather than a costly, sweltering confinement. 

Gentle Heatwave’s far-infrared saunas offer a gentler, more soothing heat, ranging from 27-49°C. This heat directly targets your body’s core, ensuring you can stay comfortably for longer, allowing for deep detoxification through sweat. The benevolent far-infrared heat raises your core body temperature and stimulates crucial systems like the lymphatic, immune, and cardiovascular systems. Profuse sweating is your body’s natural response, aiding in the removal of toxins. In addition to this, far-infrared heat harmonises with the water in your body, further enhancing the detoxification process. 

Crafted to the highest standards based on expert research, our saunas feature low-EMF heaters and Grade A Eco-certified FSC Canadian wood. Our devoted team of skilled engineers also ensure a seamless setup process. We provide user guidance, medical insights, and protected warranties to make your journey with Gentle Heatwave exceptional from start to finish. 


Your Optimal Choice 

When it comes to selecting the perfect sauna experience, far-infrared saunas stand out against traditional saunas for many reasons. 

  • Unlike their conventional counterparts, far-infrared saunas require no additional custom-built ventilation. This means you can effortlessly place them in any room, eliminating the need for costly ventilation installations and making it possible to install a FIR sauna in spaces that would not normally be suitable for a traditional sauna. 
  • FIRsaunas provide a safe and cost-effective heating solution for home use. Without the extreme heat associated with traditional saunas, they are both comfortable and budget-friendly. 
  • FIR saunas generate 2-3 times more deep sweat than conventional saunas. This means that a remarkable 20% of the sweat produced in an FIR sauna is toxins, compared to just 3% in a regular sauna. 
  • FIR saunas offer a gentle increase in heart rate and cardiovascular conditioning. This makes them a more comfortable and safe way to burn calories compared to conventional saunas. 
  • FIR saunas provide considerably lower temperatures than their conventional counterparts. This makes them a more comfortable space to spend time in, ensuring relaxation without extreme heat. 
  • When it comes to installation, FIR saunas are a breeze. They simply plug straight into a regular 240v wall outlet, requiring no plumbing or wiring, unlike traditional saunas. 

Elevate your sauna experience with the superior benefits of far-infrared technology. Discover a safer, more comfortable, and efficient way to achieve wellness in the comfort of your own home. 

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Exceptional support 
from Gentle Heatwave

While crafting and delivering technologically advanced saunas is a cornerstone of our development, our commitment extends far beyond manufacturing.  

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive, multi-layered support directly to you, ensuring you receive the utmost benefit from our chambers.   

Whether you’re considering a purchase or need assistance with any concerns, our team of medically trained staff are there for you to provide excellent User Support. We provide an excellent 10-year full support service for you. Connect with us at 01403 740128 or via our user-friendly online contact form. Expect swift, expert assistance.  

Our dedicated team, which includes in-house specialists and a network of trained engineers will be there to deliver and install your new Gentle Heatwave far-infrared sauna in your home or business. They will install and check all of our equipment to ensure your sauna is all working correctly for you to use straight away, which sets us far apart from any competitors.  

We know that investing in a far-infrared sauna, be it for personal or business use, is a big decision. To put your mind at ease, we’ve implemented robust guarantees. Rest assured, our full-service Warranty will have you covered, providing complete peace of mind throughout your time with us.