With over 15 years of experience in the wellness industry, we work to raise awareness of the benefits of our products to you.


We continue to work with doctors and health specialists to stay up-to-date with the most recent studies, clinical research, protocols and also the benefits of multimodality therapies. We pride ourselves as being not only one of the leaders in the industry but also champions and educators of these wonderful therapies.

Our extensive therapy ranges can easily align with your business whether it be a spa, wellness center, clinic, or anything else. Make sure to also take a look at our Wellness Suite, to give you a brilliant visual representation on what you business could achieve with our therapies.

1. Increase in Revenue Stream

We understand that there is an undeniable business growth opportunity in the powerful technology of our therapies. 

As a health industry professional, there is a demand for the latest ground-breaking equipment, techniques, diets and regimes – and that there is an eager audience waiting for the “next big thing” in health and fitness. 

Our range of therapies are that “next big thing”. As their wide-ranging benefits receive more and more attention, the demand for these therapies are growing.


2. Prioritising Your Safety 

While we want everyone to enjoy our diverse wellness therapies, we understand that certain ones may not be suitable for everyone.  

That’s why we provide full support with medical screening protocols to ensure the safety of your clients, including consultations with Independent Healthcare Providers when necessary.

We consistently consult medical experts in the development of our products to ensure your clients receive the full benefit of our therapies. This is an important priority and if a provider does not do this, they may be more interested in a sale than your clients’ welfare. 

We are also ISO certified, which means we are internationally recognised for upholding an exceptional standard for Quality Management Systems and Occupational Health and Safety, issued to protect employees and visitors from work-related accidents and diseases. 


3. Uncompromising on

Product Quality 

All wellness therapies within The Wellness Tree hold ISO 9001 accreditation, meeting stringent safety standards with durable, top-quality materials.

We exclusively use medical-grade or high-quality materials, ensuring hygiene, durability, and a premium finish without any harsh-smelling chemicals, such as toxic glues.


4. Your Personalised Experience 

No matter your choice among our extensive range of wellness therapies, a personalised experience tailored to your unique needs is our top priority.  

We offer unparalleled after-sales support from expert quality professionals, ensuring optimal results for your business and the best-practice protocols to enhance your clients’ experience.  

We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your experience, your clients, or the wellness treatment itself. This is why each of our therapeutic products is supported by a dedicated team of advisors to provide excellent advice and information. 


5. Hassle-free Installation 

Exceptional customer service is at the heart of everything we do at The Wellness Tree and that includes the delivery and installation of your new system.  

We offer UK-wide delivery and installation services, performed by our expert engineers where necessary, who also provide full operator training to you. 

Unlike some providers who merely drop-ship products and provide installation videos, we take a hands-on approach to ensure your complete satisfaction. 


6. Unrivaled Ongoing Support

We take pride in offering comprehensive, multi-layered support directly to you, ensuring you receive maximum benefits.  

Whether you’re making a purchase, renting, or need assistance with any concerns, our team is dedicated to providing excellent User Support.  

Our in-house specialists and trained distributor network enable us to offer ongoing Technical Support that sets us apart from the competition.  

Explore our specialised Medical Support team, consisting of licensed Independent Healthcare Providers and our in-house support experts. Rely on our Medical Support team to provide personalised guidance, ensuring you embark on the ideal treatment tailored specifically to your business needs.  



7. Comprehensive Training 

We offer complete on-site user training when needed, along with doctor-supported, fully-certified training on safety and operational standards.  

Our training programs ensure you understand the best practices for professional wellness use. 

We also provide you with invaluable marketing assets to help you promote your message to a wider client base.  


8. Peace of Mind Guarantees

The Wellness Tree provides the strongest and most reliable warranties in the UK.  

We understand that investing in wellness therapeutic treatments for your business is a significant financial decision, which is why we offer rock-solid guarantees across all our brands.

You can review individual guarantees, warranties, and rental options through our Therapies page when reading about a specified therapy.


9. The Experience Centre 

Introducing The Experience Centre, a showroom where you can explore a wide range of The Wellness Tree therapies and brands, from Light therapy to Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber therapy to Far Infrared therapy.  

We recognise that adding to your business is a substantial financial commitment, and you likely want to see and experience the options before making a choice. 

Our Experience Centre also provides dedicated time with our team of experts, who will guide you through the different models and allow you to try them out firsthand. 


10. All-In-One Convenience 

Having numerous wellness therapies available in one place offers exceptional convenience, making your selection process straightforward and efficient.

At The Wellness Tree, we go a step further by providing you with expert guidance throughout your process as you navigate our user-friendly website. Take a look at our Wellness Suite, a brilliant representation of how you can craft the ultimate wellness facility with us.