Modern Life has Led to a Change in our Lifestyle and Health

A lack of time, low physical activity, mental stress and a misbalanced diet are having a direct impact on our health and fitness. Then add in the accumulation of man-made toxic chemicals in the body and impact accelerates further.

Not only do these have a massive impact on our health and fitness but, when it continues day after day, they can hasten the ageing process.

Having access to a regular therapy in the comfort of your own home will have a positive impact.

The Problems

  1. Poor diet, lifestyle, and environment
  2. Blood vessels getting blocked
  3. Accumulation of dangerous chemicals in the body

Every day we need to be helping our body with the circulating of our blood flow, making it even better. It is an absolutely critical component in health to focus on.

Enhancing blood flow will allow all your organs, tissues and ultimately cells in your body to be provided with proper nourishment.

A Passive Workout

As we all know one of the best ways to work on your blood flow is to give the heart a little exercise. But what about exercise without moving any where!

We call this a passive exercise, because you are not exercising your body, but just your heart. The importance and significance of this is that during this ‘workout’, there is no oxygen debt.

When your heart is pumping faster and harder, but without any extra oxygen being demanded by the skeletal muscles (as what happens with physical exercise) then the extra oxygen is going to your heart muscles first. We can call this cardiovascular conditioning.

In addition, the blood gets pumped deeper to peripheral tissue, allowing for better blood flow. Better blood flow allows for better overall energy & functioning.

Pollution (Man-Made Chemicals)

Since the Chemical Revolution, man has put into our environment a vast number of harmful and dangerous environmental chemicals.

As these chemicals are allowed to freely circulate in the blood and tissue, they disrupt the natural energy production, particularly with your:

  • Hormonal system
  • Nervous system
  • Immune system

Detoxification (Cleansing the body from harmful chemicals)

Our body has adapted and evolved to the onslaught of 20th century chemicals bombarding all it’s vital cells and organs. Every day, we need to be helping our body in getting harmful chemicals safely and effectively cleared out of our body.

Here are 4 essential areas where we can help to speed up the effective elimination of these dangerous chemicals:

Enhance Excretory System and Organs

The body has 5 major ways of excreting chemicals out of the body. The first is the skin. This is one of the easiest ways for the body to get chemicals out of the body.

The second is through the colon. Here, the fat-soluble chemicals that the liver has put into bile, travels through the biliary tract and to the gallbladder. From here, it is thrown into the intestinal tract, and flows through the colon, and finally comes out in stool.

The 3rd is through urine. Here, urea (which has the water soluble chemicals) go through the filtration system of the kidneys and is finally excreted in urine.

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