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Health and Wellbeing into the 21st Century

There are two ways to join the Wellness Partnership, become a Wellness Coach or a Wellness Partner (Distributor).

Becoming a Wellness Coach

When you become a Wellness Coach you’ll gain exclusive access to our world leading natural health and wellness products, without financial risk.

You’ll have access to extensive training and support through webinars, conference calls, seminars and workshops across the country.

Become a Wellness Partner/Distributor

You can start off as a Wellness Partner or you can move on from this after being a Wellness Coach

By being a Wellness Partner you can integrate more products, therapies and training into your business.

With this you’ll be able to market to a wider audience as well as grow your business and gain exclusive access to our world leading natural health and wellness products.

Whatever your business, we provide specific solutions which help you develop new opportunities to promote and encourage Wellness lifestyle to new and existing customers.

The opportunities you’ll have can range from introducing one of our products to complement your business activities, or integrating a turnkey package into your business, or setting up a Wellness Without Limits Centre and more!

The choice is completely yours and what works best for you and your business.

Joining us as a Wellness Partner

You enjoy these benefits:

  • You can purchase our products at wholesale prices with fantastic reseller margins.
  • Our products help build credibility within your business.
  • It will set you apart from other businesses as you are using cutting edge technology.
  • It will help increase your bottom line.
  • Clients are becoming more self-educated and are seeking cutting edge benefits.
  • The technology allows for less hand on wellness improving your time efficiency.
  • We will help with emails and marketing to your existing database to get the best possible results.
  • The turnkey packages will give you a step by step process that will give the best results.
  • Support from leading experts around the world who have used our products with spectacular results.
  • Opens your business up to a much larger market.
  • You can use the technology on your own family.

Become a Wellness Associate

The Wellness Tree products can make a significant difference in people’s Health, Fitness and quality of life.

As a Wellness Tree Associate, you can introduce Businesses or individuals to leading edge technology that can be used every day for a wellness lifestyle or to enhance a business’s wealth.

As an Associate, you are rewarded both for your direct sales and indirectly from your Business introductions, opening the door for significant and stable passive income.

You’ll have access to a continual and rapidly growing market:

  • The health and wellness industry has enjoyed unprecedented growth and the trend is expected to continue to pick up speed.
  • The ageing demographic is increasing.
  • Preventive strategies are growing in interest.
  • The benefits of alternative or adjunctive medical therapies are growing in awareness.

What Makes The Wellness Tree Different?

The Wellness Tree offers these benefits that you cannot find anywhere else!

  • A range of cutting edge products.
  • Products that will work synergistically together for fantastic results.
  • True Wellness Lifestyle.
  • Income potential from the introduction of businesses as well as individuals.
  • Experts advise on all products.
  • Sales and training support on products as well as diet and lifestyle.
  • Expert idea’s to help you grow your income.

Our mission is to have a positive impact on the health and lives of people around us through inspiration, innovation and empowerment.

To invoke long lasting health, fitness and well-being and to participate in the creation of a healthier you, in the most natural way.

Join us today, call us on 01403 740 128.

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