Scoliotic Disease and aerobic reserve

The development of differentiated methods of balneological mud therapy for children with scolotic disease. The trend in the aerobic reserve obtained from maximal oxygen utilization and other clinicophysiological indices was investigated for children with scoliosis stage I, II and III on pelotherapy and hydrokinesitherapy in the pool.

The aim was to design therapeutic regiments differentiated by the patients initial functional condition. Baseline reduction of the aerobic reserve was recorded in 35% of the examinees. The response to balneopelotherapy appeared more pronounced when the treatment was adjusted to initial functional condition of the child. Functional classes of scoliosis were defined to justify dosing of balneotherapy and peloids by temperature of water, mud, duration of the procedure and the whole course.

(Sarchuk VN, Golubova IF, Bikmetov MS, Vopr Kurortol Fizioter lech Fiz Kult 1990 Jul-Aug)