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The Therapeutic Interest of Cellogie Recharge in the Muscle Fatigue of the Athlete

The aim of this open clinical study was to evaluate the effects of Cellogie Recharge on a significant population of top-level athletes and subjected to intensive practices.

20 professional sportsmen volunteers wishing to improve their physical performance and their form were included in this study.

Patients took two of Cellogie Recharge twice a day for 30 days, then one Cellogie Recharge twice a day for a duration of 4 months.

Before each competition an outlet of two additional Cellogie Recharge was carried out by the players one hour before the match.

Evaluation was made by the physician and the physiotherapist, during the monthly systematic visits.

Evaluation criteria concerned: physical fitness, muscle fatigue, contracture, muscle strain, pain, recovery after exercise, mean recovery time, muscular comfort during exercise, sleep disorders, concentration during matches, ability to long and explosive chains.

Data obtained after 5 months of Cellogie Recharge use showed that Cellogie Recharge decreases muscle fatigue (-64%) and pain (-88 %), increases the recovery after exercise ability (+59%), improves physical fitness (+33%), improves the sleep (-79% of sleep disorders) and intellectual vitality (+86% of concentration).

No side effect related to the use of the product was noted.

From this study, it can be concluded that Cellogie Recharge represents a safe alternative, without any doping characteristic, for the amelioration of the muscle fatigue of the high-level athlete.