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Cellular Study on the Effects of Orodietology on the Growth and the Antioxidant Protection of Human Skin Cells

The present study was designed to evaluate the effects of Orodietology on cellular nutrition and protection. This study was conducted on HaCaT cells (a cellular line of human kératinocytes).

It includes two parts, the one on the effect of products on the cell viability and the other one on the effect of products on the oxidative stress.

The first one is indispensable for the second because toxicity on cells would pull artefacts and bad interpretation of the results for the oxidative stress. Besides, the first part is going to bring arguments on the interest of products as effects on the growth and absence of toxicity.

In the first part of the study, HaCaT cells were incubated with ß-Méditril®, A40 Redox Anti Age, Vitamin E (reference) or with anything (control) during 24 hours. The determination of the cell viability is obtained by the MTT method.

Results did not show any cell toxicity in all the tested concentrations. On the contrary, ß-Méditril® and A40 Redox Anti Age stimulate the cell growth and this stimulation was observed on a wide range of concentration.

Moreover, the stimulation of the metabolic activity of cells (thus stimulation of their growth) by ß-Méditril® is more than twice superior to that of the control, even in low concentration and it is always superior to that of the Vitamin E.


In the second part of the study, cells were incubated during 24 hours with ß-Méditril®, Vitamin E (reference) or with anything (control) in the presence of a determined concentration in H2O2 (inducing an oxidative stress). The determination of the antioxidant protective effect is obtained by using the DHR 123 probe.

Results showed that ß-Méditril and vitamin E reduced of half the oxidative stress engendered by H2O2; the antioxidant effect of ß-Méditril® is superior to the one of vitamin E, which requires more raised concentrations to produce a similar effect.


In conclusion, this study revealed that ß-Méditril® and A40 Redox Anti Age have a beneficial action on cells nutrition favouring their growth and their multiplication. The absence of cellular toxicity of ß-Méditril® and A40 Redox Anti Age until the highest concentrations tested (1,5 g/l) has been confirmed. The cellular antioxidant effect of ß-Méditril® is highly demonstrated and ß-Méditril® has proved better antioxidant that vitamin E even at lower doses.