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Cellogie Unwind in Sleep Disorders in Adolescents

The aim of this open clinical study was to evaluate the efficacy of Cellogie Unwind in the management of sleep disorders, associated or not with behavioural troubles, in adolescents.

20 girls and boys, aged from 10 to 15 years, presenting a state of excitation and/or agitation, accompanied with sleep disorders (difficulty of tiredness, night awakening, insomnia) were included.

The dosage of Cellogie Unwind was determined according to the age and to the weight: 2 to 4 Cellogie Unwind per day were administered for 30 days (1 to 2 in the morning or at midday, and 1 to 2 in the evening).

The evaluation was made according to:

  • Quantifiable criteria relative to the sleep – extension of tiredness in minutes, duration of the sleep in hours.
  • Qualitative criteria, noted from 0 to 3 according to their intensity on an analog scale for the quality of the sleep, the fatigue in the awakening.
  • Certain parameters of the scale of Yale in particular those relatives in the attention, the hyperactivity, the impulsiveness, with notations from 0 to 3 according to their intensity.

The results obtained at the end of a month of use of Cellogie Unwind highlight a significant decrease of the time for falling asleep (-10 minutes), an increase of sleep duration (+39 min) and of the quality of the sleep (more than 50 %), a net decrease of the fatigue at the awakening (more than 60 % of decrease), a decrease of the diurnal excitement (50 %) and a decrease of the time spent in front of the television.

The tolerance of the Cellogie Unwind was excellent.

From this study, it can be concluded that Cellogie-Unwind represent a safe product for the management of sleep disorders in adolescents.