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Cellogie Granules

Here you’ll find links to several of the studies and a summary of the research that has been carried out on our Cellogie granules below.

Our Cellogie granules haven’t just been tested in a laboratory. All these studies have been carried out using humans in typical life situations…

Cellular Study on the Effects of Orodietology on the Growth and the Antioxidant Protection of Human Skin Cells

Painful Joints: The New Cell Approach

Therapeutic Activity of Articetril in Articular Pathology

The Therapeutic Interest of Cellogie Recharge in the Muscle Fatigue of the Athlete

Cellogie Unwind in Sleep Disorders in Adolescents

Take a look at what the Cellogie Tablets actually contain on our Models page, you’ll see they are 100% from nature.

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