How It Works

Naked Mud Bath is a wonderful treatment that can be used for a variety of health conditions as it aids the elimination of highly damaging toxins and waste products from the body’s cells and tissues.

The result is an improvement in overall cell and organ functionality, and the increased ability of the body to heal itself.

Peat maintains the temperature of the bath for an extended period of time, allowing for increased circulation in the body as well as the absorption of beneficial nutrients and substances from the peat itself.

The high temperature of the bath mobilizes toxins from the fat cells where they are stored. Enhanced circulation carries them out of the tissues, and they are eliminated through the five organs of elimination.

The concentrated form of the bath product is non-staining and will not cling to the body.


The use of Naked Mud PHT:

Increases and improves circulation Detoxifies
Boosts the immune system Relieves pain
Decreases inflammation Sooths aching muscles
Decreases stress


Naked Mud can help with…

Arthritis pain Hives Prostatitis
Back pain Influenza Psoriasis
Benign Prostatitis Insomnia Rashes
Hypertrophy Lumbago Rheumatoid Arthritis
Bursitis Metabolic disorders Sciatica
Carpal Turmel syndrome Muscle tension Skin care
Chronic Gout Neurological disorders Sprains
Fibromyalgia Obesity Strains
Fractures Orthopaedic disorders Stress relief
Gynaecological disorders Osteoarthritis Trauma
Headaches Post operative rehabilitation Viral infections
Hematomas Pre Menstrual syndrome


Do not use Naked Mud if you suffer from…

Acute hypertension Lupus* Pre existing high fever
Cardiac deficiency* Open wounds Pulmonary deficiency*
Diabetes* Pregnancy Respiratory insufficiency*

*without medical supervision

Using Naked Mud


Bath Phase

– Naked Mud
– Tub
– Water thermometer (optional)
– Basin with ice water and a face cloth

Sweat Phase

– 2 towels; one for drying, one for a head wrap
– Blankets (to retain heat)
– Waterproof sheeting (to prevent bedding and blankets from getting wet)


  1. Eat a light snack prior to entering the bath.
  2. Fill bathtub with hot water in the temperature range of 105 112°F, or as hot as your body will allow. Do not exceed 114°F.
  3. Empty contents of Naked Mud into bathtub and mix in.
  4. Immerse your entire body into the tub, minimizing movement.
  5. Drink plenty of pure, clean water.
  6. Wipe face with cold wash cloth as needed.
  7. Remain in the bath up to 20 minutes.
  8. After exiting the bath, wrap yourself in a sheet and lie down.
  9. Cover yourself with 2 3 blankets.
  10. Wrap a towel about your head and neck to minimize heat loss.
  11. Continue to drink plenty of pure, clean water.
  12. Continue to wipe your face with a cold wash cloth as needed.
  13. Remain like this for up to 30 minutes.


Leave the bath if you begin to feel light headed or dizzy.

Be careful leaving the tub; you may be light headed on standing.

Following the perspiration phase, take care to avoid drafts and keep yourself covered to avoid chills. It is often best to simply retire for the evening following a Peat Hyperthermia Therapy (PHT) at home.

Treatment Programme

A series of 9-12 baths over 21 days is advised for most conditions treated with this Peat Hyperthermia method. Over the course of the treatments, your body will adapt to the temperatures. Do not exceed a bath temperature of 114°F.

Initially, you may not be able to stay in the bath for the full 20 minutes. Your body will adapt. Gradually increase your time in the bath as tolerable for you, working up to 20 minutes in the bath.

A follow up maintenance schedule of 1 bath per week is often enough to prevent illness and maintain benefits. For more chronic or severe conditions, Peat Hyperthermia Therapy (PHT) may be taken every other day for a series of 21 baths.

You can find out about the research and studies that support the use of PHT for a number of conditions, or if you would like more information or advice please contact us.