What is Naked Mud peat?

The peat is the result of deep sedimentation over 40,000
years, and is found in a secluded region of Canada. It is a
unique substance infused with a rich collection of flora, a variety
of essential minerals, trace elements, enzymes, organic acids
and other natural substances that are formed from the biological
degradation of plant material.

Why should I use Naked Mud?

  • The heat is A powerful circulatory stimulant
  •  Detoxifies by mobilising deep fat and chemicals stored in your body
  •  A supervised very hot bath Induces fever to allow:
    – Significant bone marrow production of white cells for the immune system
    – Significant increase in metabolic rate
    – Hormonal balancing effect
  •  Increases libido
  •  Decreases stress
  •  Relieves pain and inflammation

Is it Safe?

Yes, heat the bath to a little hotter than you would normally have, release the peat into the bath, get in, relax and let the beneficial ingredients soak into the skin.

Does it stain the bath, how do you drain it?

No mess, Just rinse away and wipe the bath, it does not clog or affect piping.

Is there any Research?

Balneotherapy also known as the treatment of disease by hot baths has been used for hundreds of years, it can benefit
areas of poor blood flow by both increasing the growth of new blood vessel
(angiogenesis) and through the action of opening up blood vessels
(vasodilatation). (Circulation. 2005)
Mud-bath therapy has shown to slow down the progression of knee
OA, (Rheumatol Int. 2012), while significantly improve the clinical
conditions of patients with knee osteoarthritis and significantly
reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms and the disability
they cause, (Clin Ter. 2009), and can produce long term results
which include pain reduction, (Int J Biometeorol. 2012), particularly
those suffering from fibromyalgia. (Rheumatol Int. 2012)