Child Friendly Chamber Covers

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has proven to be effective in treating people of any age, and is being used more and more often in the treatment of children. Whether it’s to treat chronic illness or to speed up the recovery process post-injury, parents are turning to hyperbaric oxygen therapy to offer a safe and comfortable treatment to children.

Hyperbaric chambers can often be fairly intimidating to younger patients simply because of the size of the chamber and the equipment used. That’s why we’ve worked with designers to create a range of child-friendly chamber covers that can be used to make your chamber a little less scary and a little more fun for younger patients.


We hope that these chamber covers will help parents provide a more comfortable environment for their children, and will encourage a happy and swift recovery for any child who undergoes hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat an injury or chronic illness.

These chamber designs are currently used in the production of our Space model chambers but are available for the other models upon request.

If you’d like to find out more about the child-friendly designs or about the chambers themselves and the treatments available, feel free to call us on 01403 740128 or send your question using our online contact form.