The healing elements…so what’s the difference?

Choosing the right far infrared sauna can be somewhat confusing.

Much is made of the materials used and the range of infrared of each company’s offering. The single most important consideration in buying a sauna is the elements.

This is the difference between a good, safe and therapeutic session and just having a hot cabin to sit in. So why not just make it simple and consult the experts – experts who have already done the research…

A few things about our cabins

They’re Safe

There can be a huge difference in quality and reliability between the products currently available on the market.

We have spent many years developing elements that are vastly superior to competitor models, with only the highest quality electrical systems and components used.

We only use A1 wood that has no knots, and therefore no risk of resin leaching into the cabin which would have the potential to cause bronchial irritation.

Please be aware of the cheaper models on the internet; they are likely to be made from materials that could be harmful. Remember the old saying that still holds today “You get what you pay for”.

They’re Comfortable

Our infrared saunas allow the user to enjoy maximum sweat and detoxifying at the lowest of temperatures – from about 36-48ºC.

Many others recommend temperatures between 60-72º C. They are essentially hot air boxes, not much different from the super-heated air of traditional saunas.

The correct use of a far infrared sauna enables natural far infrared wavelengths to gently release toxins into the sweat. Our time-tested heaters offer superior penetration and activation, easily and comfortably, so that even health-challenged people can use them without risk.

They’re Effective

A proven infrared sauna offers the user many wonderful experiences. You will be relaxed when you’re stressed, yet energized when you’re depressed.

The toxic content of the sweat induced by far infrared heating is 20%. Compare that to a traditional steam or high heat “dry sauna”, where toxins comprise a mere 2% of the sweat.

There are also enormous health benefits. If you would like to find out more about Sauna’s benefits, Ailments and Conditions, and Research, please click the links below:

Sauna Benefits

Ailments and Conditions


Our cabins are made of Grade A hypo-allergenic Canadian Hemlock wood (there is an additional cost to upgrade to Canadian Red Cedar) which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Please see below our models:

Classic Range

Control temperature, time and lights inside or outside the sauna with our dual redundant controls.

Halogen lights highlight the beauty of your sauna while providing gentle ambient lighting

Our exclusive True Wave combination carbon/ceramic low EMF heaters surround you in healing infrared heat.

Beautiful tongue and groove wood and attention to detail set our furniture quality sauna cabins apart.

The Classic Range includes Classic GH-X, Classic GH2 and Classic GH3.

Click Here to download our Classic Range Information.

Vision Range

Energy efficient LED lights highlight the beauty of your sauna while providing gentle ambient lighting.

of your Sanctuary sauna will compliment every room.

Our near infrared heaters deliver over 20 times the power of the nearest leading competitor.

Relax in comfort in your sauna with our reversible bench. The extra deep bench is ergonomic on one side and flat on the other for maximum comfort.

Our exclusive GH combination carbon/ceramic low EMF heaters surround you in healing infrared heat.

The Vision Range includes Vision TWT, Vision TW2 and Vision TW3.

Click Here to download our Vision Range Information.