How It Works

What is Far-Infrared Heat and How Does it Work?

It’s time to get technical.

Here we break down the science behind why far infrared technology creates what many feel is the ultimate sauna…

  1. Infrared waves are part of the invisible Electromagnetic Spectrum (EM).
  2. The EM Spectrum is measured in microns and is approximately subdivided into near-infrared (0.7 to 2 microns), medium or mid-infrared (2 to 4microns) and far-infrared (4 to 1000 microns). Most of the warmth we feel in our bodies and from the sun is between 6 to 20 microns.
  3. Humans naturally send and receive far-infrared waves generally in the 6 to 20 micron range.
  4. The often referred to ‘Vital Range’ of far-infrared is in the 7 to 14 micron range – with optimal levels of 8.4 to 9.4 microns.
  5. Having a sauna designed to generate far-infrared wavelengths in the ‘Vital Range’ is important because of the potential to sweat more efficiently….which is what ultimately stimulates the beneficial effects experienced by many users.
  6. When you use far-infrared rays (optimally in the ‘Vital Range’) in a sauna, your body temperature naturally rises, but the surrounding air does not. So, you feel hot and benefit from deep sweating without requiring the higher heat necessary in a traditional sauna.

This infrared band is actually light, but since it is above the visible spectrum, we cannot see this light, but rather, we perceive it as heat.

It is very far removed from the Ultraviolet rays, which are burning rays from the sun. In fact the Ultraviolet and the Infrared spectrums are separated by the entire visible spectrum – Ultraviolet below, Infrared above.

Our atmosphere has a ‘window’ that allows infrared rays, in the 6 to 20 micron range to safely reach the earth’s surface. The infrared heat produced by far infrared saunas is similar to this heat from the sun.

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