Elanra Ionisers

Elanra Medical Ionisers are the only therapeutic Ionisers available today capable of generating small negative ions of Oxygen, across various frequencies, that can be inhaled through the lungs into the blood stream and produce biologically beneficial effects (this process is patented).

Considering the average person inhales 10,000 litres of air every 24 hours, it makes sense to think about how to improve the quality of the air around us. Inhaling the small negative ions of Oxygen produced by the Elanra helps your body to regain its own natural balance. Restoring this balance has been shown to produce many positive benefits including:

  • Reduce severity and frequency of colds and flu
  • Natural detoxification of the body
  • Improved sleep, relaxation and meditation
  • Comfortable breathing
  • Assists with allergies, hay fever and sinus congestion
  • Assists in recovery from illness
  • Support the body’s natural defence mechanisms
  • Increased alertness
  • Increased work productivity
  • Improved concentration

Everyone feels ‘off-colour’ or ‘out of sorts’ occasionally and we naturally want to discover the cause. Stomach upsets may pass off quickly and be forgotten. But when ailments persist, the next step is usually to seek medical advice and take something to relieve nagging symptoms.

Other Negative Ion Generators report they produce negative ions, which is true. But can they produce the small biologically active negative ions of Oxygen across variable frequencies that Elanra can? These are so tiny they can enter your blood stream through your lungs clearing the way for the body to heal itself. Only Elanra has the technology and only Elanra has the Patent. Other ionisers will simply clean the air.

These are some of the many factors that make the Elanra unique:

  • The Elanra’s biologically active (ingestible) ions of oxygen across variable frequencies are protected by International Patents. Any manufacturer or distributor of an Ioniser of negative ion generator that makes similar claims to this is infringing our Patent. Elanra Medical is well known for pursuing these culprits to protect its 50 year reputation in the market place.
  • Elanra is included as a medical device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as a Class 1 Medical Device – the lowest risk category that exists.
  • Elanra is the world’s only medical ioniser to produce small (ingestible) negative ions of Oxygen, consistently over an extended period of time.
  • Elanra is the only Ioniser world-wide that reproduces the small ions of Oxygen comparable to those found in nature.
  • Elanra Ionisers provide the negative ion balance that may be missing from the air that you breathe.
  • Elanra produces negative ions that can be inhaled into the lungs and bloodstream to increase your Oxygen intake and help your body restore it’s natural balance.
  • Elanra Ionisers do more than simply clean the air; Elanra Ionisers are therapeutic devices recognised around the world for a range of physiological improvements in health and wellness.
  • Elanra Ionisers are fully programmable to suit the specific health and lifestyle of the user.
  • Elanra protects its intellectual property. To make sure no-one infringes our Patent we buy a host of other ionisers in the global market place and report to our CEO on them.

The award winning Elanra Ionisers are an Australian invention, incorporating well over 40 years of research and development. Elanra Medical is considered the International leader in negative ion research and negative ioniser technology since 1967.