To help you understand more about Cellogie, we’ve listed the most common questions we get asked and our responses to them…

How can this be produced without binders?

Doctors and researchers designed the patented technology of the Cellogie™ bio-granule by studying one of nature’s great miracles, the snowflake.

Using the unique Snowball effect of crystallisation, it eradicates the need for binders, fillers, capsules or coatings that plague many of the supplements on the market today. They all impede the digestion of supplements in the stomach.

This unique and patented manufacturing process is a world first and takes 20 days in total to form each bio-granule.

By doing things slowly it helps keep in all those valuable whole plant nutrients which have been shown to help promote healthy cells.

Binding agents are used in supplements and sometimes carry much of the weight, which reduces the amount of active ingredients getting into your body.

Not only is this a waste, but these binding agents can cause problems in the body.

Some of the better companies will focus on reducing the amount of these agents. Note, reducing, but not eliminating!

Cellogie is quite unique because it holds a centre of gravity made up of B-Metridil, which is a complex of plant-based nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids from whole algae.

Furthermore, it contains some of nature’s most powerful compounds in reducing inflammation and free radical damage in the body.

This forms the foundations of all our Cellogie products, something that we all need in today’s society.

Instead of using binding agents to hold the additional plants together, the manufacturing utilises centrifugal type equipment to spin each whole plant onto this base. Compacting while adding to the base one layer at a time!

The result is a perfectly formed tablet without any binders or fillers.

Only the plants that are listed, plus the central core ingredient to give the body essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are contained in Cellogie granules.

Using only specific plants that carry some of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant protection means you won’t find a better product!

Now for the absorption: The technology proves for a slow and steady dissolution of the tablet, where one layer at a time (complete opposite of production) is slowly released, until finally we get to the central core.

This type of release works well in the oral cavity, and avoids interactions in the digestive tract, allowing for the highest amount of absorption.

Get the most out of your supplements!

Why is maltitol used?

Due to the extent of time needed for full absorption in the mouth, the sugars in the plants and berries can have a potential effect on rising oral bacteria.

Maltitol is used to reduce mouth bacteria (medical citation), whilst also, and more importantly, adjusting the pH for better plant absorption.

This makes it an active part of the Cellogie product, even enhancing many of the benefits.

To find out more about the different types of Cellogie products and their ingredients take a look at our Models page.

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